Meet Our Faculty

Health Law and Policy

  • Adam Kahn, Esq.

    Adam Kahn, Esq.

    Course: Health Law and Policy Capstone

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  • Allyson Maur, J.D.

    Allyson Maur, J.D.

    Course: Health Care Compliance

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  • Anthony  Serrano

    Anthony Serrano

    Course: Business Transactions in Health care

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  • Ashira Ostrow, J.D.

    Ashira Ostrow, J.D.

    Course: Representing Health Care Providers

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  • Christopher Czerwonka, J.D.

    Christopher Czerwonka, J.D.

    Course: The ADA: Statutory Interpretation

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  • Janet Dolgin, J.D.

    Janet Dolgin, J.D.

    Course: Bioethics and the Law & Public Health Law, Policy and Ethics

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  • Joel Weintraub

    Joel Weintraub

    Course: Medicare and Medicaid Law

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  • Ronald J.  Colombo

    Ronald J. Colombo

    Course: Introduction to American Legal System

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  • Steven Richman, Esq.

    Steven Richman, Esq.

    Course: Health Law

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  • Vern Walker, J.D.

    Vern Walker, J.D.

    Course: Understanding Statutes and Regulations

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