Why Specialize in Health Law and Policy

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The Affordable Care Act. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Electronic Health Records. These are just three of the major legislative pieces or regulatory trends in health care today, and all are subject to change or evolve as time progresses.

As a result, there is a great need for professionals skilled in the area of health law and policy.

Infographic on why one should specialize in health law and policy at Hofstra Law

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Why specialize in health law and policy?

Hofstra University’s online Master’s in Health Law and Policy is one program that has placed an emphasis on this facet of health care. At Hofstra Law, students can take two similar programs: the Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy and the Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy.

Both programs combine a clinical education with law school curriculum to educate students on health law and policy and prepare them for the evolving and fast-paced world of health care. However, the entry point of the two programs is a key differentiator: the MA is for health care professionals, such as administrators, while the Law Master’s is for lawyers. Both have similar learning outcomes.

So why should you choose this specialty? As noted above, health care will continue to evolve and professionals will be needed who can adapt to those changes. Some possible career outcomes of a health law and policy focus include:

  • Health care administrator: These managers can oversee a team, department or entire organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they prepare and coordinate medical and health services.
  • Compliance Officer: These professionals make sure their organizations remain in compliance with the ever-changing health laws and regulations.
  • Lawyers: Lawyers with a health care focus can serve as legal counsel for health care organizations or act in other capacities inside and outside of the courtroom.

These are just three possible career outcomes, and the many positions in health care may make this specialty a desirable one.

An online Master’s in Health Law and Policy from Hofstra Law is also offered 100 percent online, while the coursework is flexible and can be completed when and where you prefer. This makes it compatible with the schedules of working professionals in health care and law who want to pursue this specialty. For more information, connect with an enrollment advisor today or check out our infographic for a digestible overview of why you may want to specialize in health law and policy.

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