Online or on-campus: Which graduate degree is right for you?

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Hofstra Law offers several graduate degrees such as the Master’s in Health Law and Policy, the Master of of Arts in American Legal Studies, and the Master of Laws in American Law. These are credentials that can grow your expertise and lead to better career opportunities in the future. If you’re certain that continuing your education is the best route to take, it’s time to consider your options: online or on-campus learning. There are certain advantages to either format, but your choice will ultimately depend on your personal preference. To get a better understanding of how the two options contrast, let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between online vs. traditional education.




One of the main deciding factors of attending a university is tuition cost. Generally, attending classes on campus is the more expensive option. Comparing online courses to traditional on-campus classes – on top of tuition – U.S. News & World Report stated that costs for transportation, housing and supplies are generally less expensive when you take online courses. Evidently, costs can differ significantly between online and on-campus programs and ultimately influence a student’s choice of which option to pursue.


When it comes to self-motivation and discipline, both online learning and traditional on-campus classes require students to push themselves to stay focused. With traditional on-campus programs, students have more structured scheduling. They’re expected to attend classes at certain times a few days a week and participate face-to-face with other students and professors. Self-discipline is needed to meet assignment deadlines and in preparation for final exams.

As an online student, you must be even more self-motivated. Since there’s no set schedule when you take online classes, you get to work on your own time at your own pace. This can be advantageous, but it means you have to have better self-discipline. Some students may struggle to stay motivated when they work at home. It is best for students to develop and adhere to their own personal schedule to ensure they remain focused and up to date with assignments and emails.


Students may also find a difference in accessibility of student services between online and on-campus programs, according to U.S. News & World Report. Attending classes at an on-campus university gives students immediate access to professors, colleagues, educational resources and other services that can help them in their journey to earning a master’s degree. When selecting an online option, students should do their research to ensure they have comparable support in a virtual setting.

At Hofstra Law, all online students have access to advising, library services, career counseling and more with the Student Support Services team. Much like a support team you would encounter in person on campus, Student Support Services offers the same assistance via telephone or email. Whether you need help with registration or picking out your textbooks, an advisor is available for success planning, advising and coaching from the time you apply to the program up until graduation – no matter if you’re studying on campus or online.


One of the key considerations for students when they contemplate going back to school is flexibility. Do you have the time to attend school without missing out on family events, hobbies, exercise and other activities? Are you willing to attend college full time, or do you need an option that offers a better balance?

Committing to a full-time on-campus program means taking a break from your current profession to further your studies. If you plan on attending classes during evening hours, you can continue to work full-time, but you sacrifice your personal time with family and friends.

Online classes offer the flexibility not available in many on-campus programs. You don’t have to quit your job or worry about missing out on family time. Instead, you can mold your online classes to fit your current schedule. You are expected to spend a certain amount of study time per week, participate in class discussions and complete assignments by the deadlines, but generally speaking, you can learn at your own pace and on your own time. This makes it easy to continue working and honor other commitments while earning your master’s degree.

Earn an online degree at Hofstra Law today

After comparing and contrasting the two options, online learning may be the more convenient and advantageous option. If you’re interested in furthering your education in health law and policy, consider enrolling in the online Master of Laws or online Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy program at Hofstra Law. We also offer an online Master of Arts in American Legal Studies and an online Master of Laws in American Law for students looking for an advanced education in U.S Law. Our programs are 100 percent online and provide the education that can help you advance in your career.

Both degrees integrate the clinical education that comes with traditional law school curriculum in an innovative online option. Each route is designed with flexibility so working professionals don’t have to worry about compromising their learning experience.

With an option to learn at your own convenience, Hofstra Law can help you earn your master’s in health law in 24 months or less. Learn about building your expertise and advancing your career by visiting the program page to find out more about earning an online Master’s in Health Law and Policy.

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