What is a master’s capstone?

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The expansive 30-hour curriculum consists of a variety of courses like Public Health Law, Policy and Ethics, Business Transactions in Healthcare and Healthcare Compliance, covering a wide range of topics to prepare students for various roles in health law and policy. As a cumulative project, each student must complete the master’s capstone class before earning their degree.

Let’s take a closer look at what a capstone project is and how it can benefit students. Additionally, we’ll explore the specifics of the capstone project course offered in Hofstra Law’s online health law and policy programs.


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What is a capstone project?

According to the Educational Glossary Reform, a capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that provides students with an intellectual experience through a cumulative learning opportunity. While capstone projects vary from university to university, they generally consist of a long-term investigative assignment that encourages students to integrate their learning from various courses.

The point of the capstone project is to encourage students to think critically, work through problems and develop valuable solutions while also honing skills in communication, research, planning and self-sufficiency. The main goal of a capstone project is to connect the student to the outside work ― it’s a transition between college coursework and the working world, ensuring all students have the necessary tools to solve issues in their areas of expertise.

How is it beneficial for students?

The capstone project provides various opportunities for students to gain soft skills and apply them in real-life situations. Some of the goals or benefits of completing a capstone course include:

  • Improved motivation: Because capstone projects are self-directed, students have agency and authority in choosing a topic they’re passionate about. This is an opportunity to showcase their personal strengths and interests.
  • Time management: Capstone projects typically span over the course of a semester, so students must work diligently and independently to stay on track to completion. This allows them to practice their time management, prioritization and goal-setting skills, which can be valuable in their future careers.
  • Readiness: The capstone project can be a display of readiness for one’s career after graduation. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge in real-world situations and demonstrate what they’ve learned over the course of their studies. The final product can be included in portfolios or serve as a writing sample for future job applications.

What is the online health law and policy master’s capstone?

The online master’s of health law and policy at Hofstra Law is taken throughout the final semester of the program and serves as an opportunity for all students to apply and showcase what they have learned throughout their coursework. .

Each student will choose a health care topic or problem such as bioethics, insurance or regulation and formulate potential solutions to such problems. During this topic selection process, students must recall what they have learned in class and perform additional research to further expand their skills and expertise.

Generally, each student will focus on a practical problem in the health care system and examine how it relates to major U.S. legal institutions. The end goal for each student is to write a research paper that identifies a major health law issue and proposes a resolution to the problem.

How is it beneficial for students?

The master’s capstone at Hofstra Law is worth five credits, making it the most substantial course that students need to pass to graduate. Between the capstone course and the combined curriculum, students will learn the ins and outs of health law and policy and how it’s constantly changing. By the end of the capstone and upon graduation, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Address compliance requirements
  • Navigate legislation
  • Advocate for vulnerable patients
  • Implement change within an organization
  • Drive the business of health care

With an enriching curriculum and practical capstone project, Hofstra Law can help you reshape and achieve your professional goals. Learn more about how you can advance your career and earn an Online MA or LLM by visiting the program page. For more information, contact an enrollment advisor today.

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