Advice for Students Considering an Online Master of Laws

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Advice for prospective students considering the Online MA/LLM program

Q: From your perspective, what advice do you have for prospective students considering taking the MA / LLM program?

A: So the first thing is that I think like it’s very important to budget your time the same way you would budget your money. Since many of our students are working fulltime, it’s imperative to set aside the appropriate amount of time for studies in order to ensure your success.  Also, use the networking resources available to you.  We have a very engaged faculty and many students in high level positions within health care organizations. Conduct yourself with professionalism, and build relationships that will lead to the types of opportunities that you’re looking for

Q: Professor Dolgin, from your perspective, what advice do you have for students?

Entering a health law program is a really important decision, but I really think anybody who decides to do this will be increasingly pleased that he or she did it.

It’s a fascinating area in which to work and it’s central to American politics, and it’s an area in need of trained professionals – both lawyers and non-lawyers with knowledge of the legal components of health care delivery, financing and the structure of our health care system.

Students in our programs can expect to interact with their professors and – really wonderful thing is – to interact very actively with students and professors at the same time.  All of our students are adults, all are educated and all are intelligent. We really found in the courses that we’ve carried so far that the community of students is engaged and engaging. We the professors have learned almost as much from our students as they have learned from us.

We encourage everybody to review the program very carefully, it’s a big decision, but we’re really confident that if you review this program, you’ll see how much it offers you in gaining new perspectives, new colleagues and even new work opportunities.