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One of the most direct ways to advance a legal career is to add to your skills and knowledge with an advanced degree from a trusted and accredited law school. Due to the rise of asynchronous online study over the past few decades, many of the challenges associated with remote study have fallen away. Today, it’s possible to earn a law degree online from a top school such as Hofstra University’s Maurice A. Deane School of Law.

There are many reasons to seek out an online law degree. For example, earning a Master of Laws (LL.M.) directly relating to your specific interests and career goals can help you change the course of your professional life, becoming better versed in unique and specific areas of the law. The online Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy, for example, is focused on the many complex ways in which the health care field intersects with the legal profession.

Before beginning your application process to enter the online law degree program at Hofstra Law, you should familiarize yourself with both the specifics of earning a degree ― how long it will take, what the requirements are, how online classes work ― and the ways in which the degree can prepare you to excel professionally.

Why Study for an Online Law Degree?

Earning an advanced law degree or certificate through a 100% online program is a way to deepen your knowledge of a specific subject within the field of law. As U.S. News & World Report explained, there is no entirely online course that can help you earn a juris doctor (JD) degree and begin a legal career, but there are plenty of options to take that career further.

An online LL.M. degree is one such option which can have several positive effects. U.S. News suggested, for example, that if you have previously practiced law in another country or territory, you can use an LL.M. program to enter the U.S. legal system and master its unique concepts.

A highly specialized LL.M., such as Hofstra Law’s Health Law and Policy degree program, can bring you up to speed regarding in-demand areas of legal practice. A single subject area like health care encompasses a wide range of possible roles, from internal legal experts at health care organizations to paralegals and lawyers at firms focusing on medical issues and beyond. Companies that intersect with the complexities of the health care system ― research labs, insurance firms and more ― also need experts in these specific matters.

PayScale’s list of jobs associated with legal degrees including the LL.M. features numerous in-demand roles capable of bringing in high salaries. For instance, as of June 2020, the average pay for a corporate counsel is $115,000, while compliance directors earn $98,000 and contracts managers make $89,000.

Due to the serious liability associated with legal violations, especially in heavily regulated fields such as health care, companies will not entrust their legal leadership to professionals who haven’t proven their deep expertise in their subject of choice. This is an area where an LL.M. can be an important addition to your resume, showing that you have internalized the unique rules and practices associated with one area of the law.

Taking control of the direction of your career and gaining specific knowledge relating to your interests and employers’ needs are compelling reasons to earn a law degree online. Pursuing these goals is achievable without leaving your present job due to the convenient and student-focused nature of today’s online degree programs.

What Are the Advantages of Studying for a Law Degree Online?

Earning an online LL.M. at Hofstra Law combines the advantages of studying at a top law school ― committed faculty, comprehensive lessons and connections with insiders in your field of study ― with the ease of modern digital classroom solutions. From the way the schedule suits your own availability to the ability to work from anywhere, these digital conveniences can make it possible to further your legal education.

The following are a few ways in which online programs can deliver advantages. All of these traits are part of the experience when studying for an online LL.M. from Hofstra Law.

Flexible Scheduling

How long does it take to earn an online law degree? In large part, the answer to this question is up to you and what your schedule can accommodate. When studying online at Hofstra Law, the online LL.M. in Health Law and Policy can take under two years to complete ― even as few as 18 months, depending on how many courses you take each semester. By picking one of three start dates (fall, spring or summer), you gain the ability to begin at a time when conditions are ideal in your personal and professional life.

Essential online classes are held asynchronously, meaning you don’t have to be online at a specific date and time to gain essential information. Whenever you have the time ― whether that means evenings, weekends or other free hours ― you can fit these lessons in. There are also optional live online sessions which you can attend virtually to participate in a more interactive kind of learning.

Accessibility and Availability

You can study from anywhere when you’re an online LL.M. student at Hofstra Law ― there are no campus visits required. This means if you are completing an online program from overseas in hopes of entering the U.S. legal system, you don’t have to travel. Without the geographic requirements of an on-campus or blended learning experience, you can choose a school based purely on its fit for your educational needs.

Admission to online legal programs such as the Hofstra Law online LL.M. can use alternative requirements instead of the assessment tests such as the GMAT, GRE or LSAT. Without the need to invest time and money on working through these standardized tests, you can transition smoothly from your professional role into online legal studies.

Collaboration with Peers and Faculty

While online programs take legal education out of the campus setting, they don’t do away with close communication between you and others, including your professors, classmates and professionals in the legal system. Completing group and collaborative assignments will help you hone your ability to work as part of a team, an essential soft skill that holds relevance in legal work environments, while exposing you to outside ideas and expertise.

One of the major advantages of studying for an advanced degree is the connections you make among peers and instructors. Today’s online programs include these networking opportunities, just as if you were studying on campus. Though you’re physically completing classwork on your own, you still have professors to consult with and classmates to collaborate with.

Why Is Hofstra Law the Ideal Place to Earn an Online Law Degree?

While multiple colleges and universities offer online courses today, receiving a top-quality education still depends on your ability to pick the right school. The Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University can give you an ideal experience while earning an LL.M., combining a traditional law school pedigree with full student-friendly support for the online learning model.

High Academic Standards

Hofstra Law is committed to delivering high-quality education, and the recognition the school has received over the past few years demonstrates this record of achievement. The Maurice A. Deane School made U.S. News’ list of the top 100 law schools in 2010, and it was rated in the top 10 for teaching the technology of practice by the American Bar Association. The Health Law programs received an “A” grade from preLaw Magazine in 2019.

The people of Hofstra Law make it what it is: The faculty ranked among the top 50 for Scholarly Impact in 2018. The school’s more than 12,000 alumni worldwide are making their presence felt at law firms and practices ― Hofstra Law is No. 58 nationally for the number of partners at top firms who are alumni. Furthermore, there are 140 Hofstra Law alumni among the judiciary.

Support for Online Learners

In addition to its distinguished academic track record, the Maurice A. Deane school is committed to using modern methods to teach its online students. With 24/7 support available, there are experts on hand to make sure digital coursework never becomes a barrier between students and the material.

Every piece of the on-campus learning experience, from expert lectures to peer collaboration, is available in Hofstra Law’s 100% online and asynchronous offerings. You can log on from anywhere and become part of this student body, receiving a high-quality education on the way to a diploma that could accelerate your career path.

Relevant Degree Programs

One way to take more control over your professional life is to earn a master’s degree in an in-demand area of legal practice. The lauded Health Law and Policy program from Hofstra Law allows you access to specific and up-to-date concepts based on the complicated ways the legal system interacts with health care providers. Hospitals and other large care organizations need adept legal departments to handle taxation, employment and liability matters, along with highly industry-specific concepts such as health insurance.

Even outside of the walls of care facilities, there are many organizations seeking professionals skilled in health care law. Research organizations putting their products or medications through trials need insights from experts, and intellectual property matters in medicine bring their own complexities. Elder care facilities, specialist practices and numerous other institutions must also pay close attention to legal compliance.

Between these medical openings and opportunities at law firms that serve and represent health care clientele, the demand for professionals with a specialized knowledge base is clear. By learning the necessary concepts in the Hofstra Law online LL.M. in Health Law and Policy program, you can seek out a role in this fast-moving field. Due to the convenience of the online learning model, this educational goal is within reach.

Visit the online LL.M. in Health Law and Policy page to learn more about what the program offers and determine whether this is the right opportunity for you.

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